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General Objectives

The purpose of our course is to provide the students with Spanish and Medical Terminology, as well as phrases and conditions one would likely encounter in a medical practice to enable them to deal with each situation in a medical environment. This program is tailored to fit a multitude of medical specialties - nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers, medical students, psychologists, psychiatrists, administrators and volunteers. Combining different language approaches, our medical program can focus on the unique language and practices of each specialty with the overall emphasis on grammatically correct, functional Spanish.


The content will depend upon the student's level. The course will start with vocabulary and expressions at a basic level. More information and terminology will be provided as a more advanced level is achieved.

Course Description

There are two options for this program: The intensive course and private classes. The intensive program offers 4 hours of general Spanish classes in small groups followed by 2 hours of private lessons with specific Medical Spanish. The intensive course is ideal for people, who want to learn both general Spanish as well as Medical Spanish. The option of private lessons consists of 4 hours one on one instruction and is a perfect choice for students who have a minimum language skill level of intermediate and don't wish to take general Spanish lessons. This will allow them to fully concentrate on the specific medical content.



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